Portable Rebar Cutter

Do you have constructing or masonry projects? You may need a good cutter machine. Ellsen portable rebar cutter is widely used in many countries. This cutting machine is quite flexible and convenient to use. Except for the constructing and masonry projects, you can also use this rebar cutter to deal with your personal cutting things. If you have these cutting business to do with, Ellsen cutter equipment will be your best choice. Ellsen rebar cutter electric hydraulic machine will create more profits for you.

Specifications of Ellsen Portable Cutter Equipment

portable rebar cutter for sale
RC16 portable rebar cutter

Voltage: 220v/110v
Wattage: 850w/900w
Max cutting rebar: 4-16mm
Cutting speed: 2.5-3s
Machine weight: 8kg
Gross weight: 13kg
Machine size: 460x270x115mm
Carton size: 510x230x150mm

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Ellsen portable rebar cutter
RC20 portable rebar cutter

Voltage: 220v/110v
Wattage: 950w/1350w
Max cutting rebar: 4-20mm
Cutting speed: 2.5-3s
Machine weight: 13kg
Gross weight: 18.3kg
Machine size: 410x115x220mm
Carton size: 480x195x280mm

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portable rebar cutter machine for sale
RC25 portable rebar cutter

Voltage: 220v/110v
Wattage: 1600w/1700w
Max cutting rebar: 4-25mm
Cutting speed: 5s
Machine weight: 24.5kg
Gross weight: 32kg
Machine size: 480x150x255mm
Carton size: 565x230x345mm

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Features of Ellsen Portable Rebar Cutter

  • Designed reasonably.
  • Compact structure.
  • High-quality blade.
  • High cutting speed.
  • Easy to use.
  • Low working noisy.
  • Strong durability.
  • Easy to maintain.

Why Choose Ellsen Portable Cutting Machine

Ellsen portable cutting machine has good work capacity. This rebar cutter can cut steel bars with diameters between 4mm and 25mm. This steel cut machine has many competitive advantages, for example, fair price, high efficiency and cutting speed. Do you know how to cut rebar? Actually, the working principle of cutting machinery is very easy to understand. It is easy to use. You can learn how to cut rebar quickly. Ellsen cutting machine manufacturer provides different sizes of portable rebar cutters. You can choose according to you different needs. In addition, Ellsen can supply custom-made cutting machines according to clients’ different requirements.

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