Ellsen Wire Bending Machines For Sale

Looking for an awesome wire bending machines to make different stirrups? Ellsen stirrup making machine is designed to bend coiled wires and rods into different simple forms, like five-pointed star, triangle and some other irregular shapes. Ellsen provides two types of stirrup making machine. One is numerical control; and the other is automatic and electric. These machines have good work capacity and performance. Besides, they have fair prices and high efficiency. Ellsen wire bending machine for sale can bend coiled wires in batch. All these advantages of Ellsen machinery can  saves lots of costs for you, like time and labor force. If you have wire and rod to process, Ellsen will be your great helper.

Ellsen wire bending machine

Wire Bending Machine

Wire bending machine is one type of stirrup making machines. This type of machine has the unique bending ability compared ...
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Ellsen CNC wire bending machines for sale

CNC Wire Bending Machine

CNC wire bending machine is one of the most used bending machines to process coiled wires into different stirrups. This ...
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Ellsen stirrup bender machine for sale

Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine

Automatic stirrup bending machine is widely used to make stirrups in the constructing and masonry projects. This stirrup bending machine ...
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